International Wine Contest 2014: more and more qualitative and international


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Monde Selection's International Wine Contest was hosted in Brussels on April 24 and 25 at the "Manos Conference and Business Center".

This year, no less than 433 wines from 24 different nations were tasted.

Monde Selection, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious international wine competitions, aims primarily the quality of the participating products and the strict compliance of the standards established by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).

It is therefore only 30% of the participating wines that have been awarded by 36 tasters, all well-known professionals, coming from more than 8 different countries.

This contest is among the few "international competitions of privileged wines" to be held under "the high patronage of the OIV" and under the control of the Federal Public Service Economy, a true sign of quality.

The Presidency of the contest has been entrusted to Marc Kuhn who is familiar with international competitions (he takes part in seven to eight of them every year). M. Kuhn is also in charge of the Institut Viti-Vinicole (Luxemburg wine regulating body) and member of the Monde Selection jury since 1976.

"We first reveal the jury members the wine category and the vintage year" he explains, and it is then up to them to quote the aspect, the colour and clarity, and the nose, its persistence and frankness, and other parameters on a special OIV data sheet."

"All six different juries were quite unanimous", he adds, "even if it is not easy to free your mind to steer clear of all standardisation and subjectivity, as each wine keeps its own characteristics, despite the internationalisation of the vine varieties and techniques. Climate and soil still play indeed a major role but it is the winemaker who eventually makes the wine".

"And quality has become of the utmost importance" says M. Kuhn, efforts still have to be made in planting, soil, maturity and technology as competition is tight !"

Given the results of this contest, numerous countries have fully understood the message and sent quality wines. Among the nominees, wines from 14 different countries are in this ranking. Of course, the best-known producing countries like, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Australia and South Africa were well represented, but other nations such as Hungary, Mexico, Canada, Slovakia, Romania and Japan have also won many medals that reward the high quality of their products.

Given the results of this contest, the conclusion is clear: a magnificent international representation in growth.

All results are available by clicking here.

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