For the evaluation of Tobbaco Products, Monde Selection relies on the collaboration of the very best specialists and the expertise of Brucefo (Brussels Centre for Food Expertise), who award the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold labels at the end of the selection process.

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Methodology and evaluation 

Monde Selection, International Institute for Quality Selections, has been developing, for more than 50 years now, a unique expertise to test and analyse consumer goods from all over the world to grant them an internationally renowned quality award.

For the analysis of tobacco, Monde Selection calls upon the support of the laboratory of BRUCEFO, the Brussels Centre for Food Expertise.

This centre is a department attached to the Economy and Employment Administration of the Ministry of the Brussels Capital Region.

The mission of the laboratory is to provide assistance to companies in:

  • Performing quality controls, both on a bacteriological and a chemical level, of the food and consumer products.
  • Giving technical assistance and advice with regard to the production of quality products, in accordance with legal standards.

Thanks to this collaboration Monde Selection has acces to the latest equipments and can control and certify if the data given by the producer are correct and abide by the European legislation on tobacco.

Present standards are:

  • Nicotine 1.0 mg/cigarette (maximum)
  • Carbon monoxide 10 mg/cigarette (maximum)
  • Tar 10 mg / cigarette (maximum)

Scientists will fill in an evaluation form for each product.

Finally, scores are added up and averaged to a final result and rewarded with a bronze, silver, gold or grand gold quality award which can be displayed on the awarded product.

Quality Awards 

After the various tests and tastings, the juries of Monde Selection award Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold quality labels to products that are outstanding in terms of the different evaluation criteria.

A label that each laureate may display on their product for 3 years.

In addition, Monde Selection awards Trophies to companies for the constant efforts they make to reach and maintain a high level of excellence.

Lastly, the Monde Selection experts may award a Prize of the Jury to one product in each category that the jury unanimously notices as outstanding for one of its qualities such as its taste or its innovative nature.

Awarded products

Grand gold award

Grand Gold if the product scores on average between 90% and 100%

Gold award

Gold if the product scores on average between 80% and 89%

Silver award

Silver if the product scores on average between 70% and 79%

Bronze award

Bronze if the product scores on average between 60% and 69%

Participation procedure 

Submitting your product is very easy.

Complete the form and follow the instructions for sending us samples

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Register now

Please complete the form and send it to Monde Selection



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Send your samples

Send the corresponding samples and a copy of the registration form following the instructions for sending and the calendar..

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Results and Awards Ceremony

The results will be sent out at the end of April and the ceremony will take place at the end of May or the beginning of June in a large European city.

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Products evaluated and references 


    • TO.1.1 - Non-filter cigarettes
    • TO.1.2 - Filter-tipped cigarettes
    • TO.1.3 - Light cigarettes
    • TO.1.4 - Dark cigarettes
    • TO.1.5 - Others

    • TO.2.1 - Tobacco type (Havana, Cuban, Italian...)

    • TO.3.1 - Tobacco type (Havana, Cuban, Italian...)

    • TO.4.1 - Light tobacco
    • TO.4.2 - Dark tobacco
    • TO.4.3 - Others
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